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Commercial Driver’s License
(CDL) Training Programs

State of the Art Driving Simulator
Start with Just $500 Down

The transportation industry is growing thanks to the dedicated and skilled drivers driving the lucrative sector forward. Take part in it all and become one of the industry’s leading drivers today with the professional training programs of Morris Driving School.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide the highest quality driving courses offered throughout the United States. We are committed to teaching each student the safety and responsibility issues inherent in driving a commercial motor vehicle. At Morris Driving School, safety comes first. Our training programs and defensive driving course ensure that we only put safe and responsible drivers on the road. They learn driving skills that they can take with them for life.

Our Equipment

We have tractor trailers Class A. At Morris Driving School you’ll train on the same equipment you test on. Our equipment is up-to-date and offers you the chance to gain valuable driving experience so you’re comfortable and prepared when it is time to take your CDL exam.

Training and testing on the same equipment means you will be prepared and comfortable when it is time to take your CDL exam. It is important to train on up-to-date equipment as it better prepares you for the vehicles you will be driving in your job.

The Classroom

We have developed an advanced classroom training program that incorporates PowerPoint presentations, videos and pertinent, up-to-date training materials, such as distracted driving, hours of service and more. This course is taught by experienced, knowledgeable instructors who are there to answer your questions and teach you the latest in trucking education.

Prerequisites and Admission Requirements:

21 Years of Age
Licensed Driver

Valid Social Security Card

Medical Clearance to Drive a Truck



Randolph DMV
Driving Test

CDL Training

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