How do I get a driving permit?

To get your permit, you must pass a written test. We could assist 16 and 17 Years old students that haven't  pass their written test in school and doesn't have the BLUE CARD. 18 years and older we could prepare you for written test.

Taking practice tests will help make sure you know the information so you pass your examination and get on your way to getting your license!

How much do driving lessons cost?

We have package lessons which give you a discount or you can pay each time you go. Our prices vary, we have several packages, that allow you to receive a discount, you may also pay per lesson. 


How many lessons do I have to take?

16 year olds are required to take 6 hours with a Licensed Driving School in order to receive their permit. Students 17 and older can take as many lessons they choose.


Are lessons available on weekends and evenings?

Yes, we are available 7 days a week from 6am to 7pm Monday thru Saturday.


Will other students be in the car during my lessons?

No, our lessons are private and are on a one on one basis.

Do I get an insurance discount if I take lessons?

Yes, if take our 6 Hour-Behind the wheel course, we will give you a certificate for your insurance company. Each insurance company has their own policy and discount structure. We sugguest you to shop around to see which insurance company will give you the best deal.


Do I get the same instructor for each lesson?

Yes, each lesson will be with the same patient and professional instructor.


Do I come to you for lessons?

No, our instructors will pick you up at home, school or work at no extra charge.